In collaboration withCédric Lodewijckx, Arno Meertens, Robin De Beelde, Benjamin Mechant.

PO events

By students for students.

PO events is a non-profit undertaking founded by the masters' students of Product Development at the University of Antwerp, Belgium. Their goal is to provide all students, professors and alumni, within their faculty, with events to enrich their years at the school. The types of these events range from club parties to networking nights and special lunch days.

As lead of print and digital media, I thought the old logo could use a refresh.

PO is the abbreviated form of Productontwikkeling, dutch for "product development". It's an initialism that gets very frequent use when talking about the studies. This is why I think the wordmark is a great idea. But the execution felt a little generic. It lacks character and isn't very memorable.

We envisioned a logo that could double as a label. It had to be something that could be easily used as an ink stamp, perhaps a sticker, to depict the quality of the event. Visibility was a second major concern: the logo needed to catch your eye on promotional posters and social media pictures.

After a couple of iterations we settled on a blocky, bold design. I believe we hit the perfect balance between abstraction and readability of the letters.